VOCES8 is passionate about music education and is the flagship ensemble of the music charity VCM Foundation. Engaging in a broad range of outreach work, the group runs an annual programme of workshops and masterclasses at the Foundation's home in London, the Gresham Centre at St Anne & St Agnes Church.

Alongside the Foundation's other ensemble Apollo5, nationally and internationally, the groups are working across a wide range of ability levels providing much needed sustainable support for school students, teachers and aspiring young professionals.

Should you wish to support us and aid us in our efforts to inspire communities across the world through music, please consider joining the VCM Friends Programme. We offer several levels of Friendship, with differing ranges of benefits designed to bring you closer to the Foundation. For full details please visit vcm.foundation/vcmfriends.

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Thank you to our generous donors who have signed up as a VCM Friend and support our performance and education work. We are eternally gratefully to you all:


Annie Cygler
Katie & Colin Johnson
Matthew & Libbi Johnson
Adrian Melrose


Nick Brown
D + K Creamer
Ian Garner
Bill Grose
Mr & Mrs Mark Holford
Ian Stewart
Judy Stewart
Stephanie Walker
Tony Willenbruch


Derek Bailey
Annabelle Baird
Thorsten Bast
Neil Caplan
Jayne Gould
Christopher Halliday
Katie Hanson
Lucy Hart
Tom Holliday
Kathryn & Tom Mangold
Peter Maxwell-Brown
Graham Merriam
Libby Percival
Jilly Steventon
Chris & Caroline Thompson
Christina Thomson
Helena Tinker
Carol Ward
Janet Wardle
John Wardle


Jeremy Badcock
Howard Christopher
Nicola Colchester
Jill Copenhagen
Michael Craven
Nigel & Claire Cutts
Hywel Davies
Muff Dudgeon
Helena Durham
Alyson Elliman
Garth Emrich
Patrick Fagan
Tony Glazebrook
Louise Follin
David & Jan John
Guy Laycock
Carl Leaf
Rowena Mitchell
Petra & Peter Moelders
Richard Munro
Kinga Rytel-Laycock
Mary Spencer
David and Wendy Veasey
Nick Viner
Chris Wardle
Alan Wilbourn
Stefan Winterstein

Under 30 Friend

Marlene Bast
Miriam Laycock
Sofia Laycock
Sophie Madden
Imogen Melrose
Clara Melrose
Jonathan Meyns
Lenia Marie Störbrauck